Radio Commercials

Creative execution of a story can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. While that's true in all media, we believe it's even truer with radio because people are always multitasking while listening.

Radio on any platform continues to play a unique emotional role in the listener's life – lifting their mood when engaged in other tasks, wherever, whenever – a role that's impossible for other media to fill to the same degree. This means radio wields incredibly powerful emotional influence for advertiser brands.

As an example, here's our award-winning image campaign we did for the College of Arts & Sciences at Baylor University. We created a tagline and four :30 spots to address their main talking points.

                                               Used with permission from Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences

Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences
"Explore, Then Engage"
4 x :30 radio spots

Spot 01: Interdisciplinary Approach
Spot 02: Mission & Values
Spot 03: Global Perspective
Spot 04: Culture of Discovery

Executive Producer: Will Crockett
Producer, Director, Writer, and Editor: Livingston+McKay LLC
Voiceover: Paul Quinn

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