Why We Tell Stories On the Radio

Radio Engages the Imagination
It is entirely a medium of sound. Radio's "theater of the mind" can evoke emotions, smells, and even images creating a strong, personalized connection with the listener. Remember waking up on that lazy Saturday to the smell of bacon wafted through the air? Oh, did you see what we did there? And we didn't even use music. Each listener personalizes the message based on his or her imagination. That's the power of radio.

Radio Is Intimate
It's people talking to people telling stories. Every day this is how we connect to one another and influence our family and friends, colleagues and strangers alike.

Radio Makes Us Happy
It's true! A recent study found of the people who regularly watched television, used a computer, or listened to the radio, those who were radio listeners were happier and had more energy than those who didn't. Despite all the fascination with fancy electronic gadgets, the study found the simple pleasure of listening to the radio is what makes people the happiest.

Radio Is Free
Barring satellite radio subscriptions, most people don't pay to listen to the radio. This gives even smaller stations a broad audience and their advertisers a tremendous reach.

Radio is Intrusive...In a Good Way
Because of its portability, radio goes wherever people go. Whether they're driving, doing yard work, working at their desk, doing homework, watching a live sporting event at the ballpark -- even in the shower! Radio follows people throughout their day and influences them in the midst of their busy lives 24/7.

Radio Offers Speed, Flexibility, and Immediacy
A distinctively user-friendly medium, radio gives advertisers a way to compete and excel in today's highly competitive and cluttered marketplace.

We know 94% of all consumers listen to the radio every week*, and we want to be right there with them. How about you?

Contact us for information on how we can help tell your story on the radio. We offer concept development, scriptwriting, voiceover, and production services to produce award-winning advertising.

*Radio Marketing Guide and Factbook

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