A Mammoth Mystery

Animated Mammoths

This short film is a co-production with 16 x 9 Productions in Los Angeles. The short was created to run in the SBC Theatre at the Mayborn Museum in Waco, TX. Written to entertain kids and adults alike, it tells the story about one of the most important paleontological discoveries worldwide dating back to the ice age - the Waco Mammoth Site.
The site was discovered in 1978 in Waco, TX. So far at least 23 Columbian Mammoths have been uncovered with the potential to find another 100, and dozens of other animals. The excavations have revealed mostly mature female and juvenile mammoths. The skeletons of the Waco mammoths were generally articulated in the positions the animals died in, which means they all died quickly and at the same time. But how? That is the great mystery to be solved.

Joani blogged about the production from beginning to end for industry magazine, TV Technology. You can find out what happened behind the scenes of the short film, as well as see pictures from the shoot and other glimpses into the production process at the link below:

TV Technology blog about the production of A Mammoth Mystery

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