About Us

About Us

At Livingston+McKay we believe in the power of stories. Stories touch hearts and make the listener or viewer feel more alive. Stories awaken the good in people.

As human beings, we're all hardwired to respond to stories. Stories are the best way to engage people. Storytelling is very personal and is the most powerful and meaningful way to communicate.

Daily we're inundated with messaging. According to Forbes, with all of today's technology, it's estimated that we're hit with as many as 30,000 commercial messages each day (compared to 500 in the '70s.) People are overwhelmed by and tired of information. Facts and figures aren't memorable and don't stir the soul. Stories do both.

We know first and foremost, a solid foundation must be laid before a message can be successfully delivered. Finding the right story to tell takes great care and thought before writing a single line of script or shooting a single frame of footage. Story drives the entire process.

Through story, we like to practice the art of "awakening the wisdom in others." Rather than telling people what they ought to do or trying to convince them of a particular way of thinking, we present information in a manner which allows the audience to connect the dots for themselves. Why? The hard truth is people value their own opinions more than they value the opinions of someone else. We know a well told story is always more of a "pull" than a "push." 

Each of us has a story. Your business has a story. Your product has a story. Let us tell your story. The world is waiting to hear it.

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