INEFFABLE (w.t.) is a documentary intended for broadcast on PBS. Watch the multiple Silver Telly award-winning trailer “Dance” which highlights performance arts.

How do we justify time out from our busy lives and routines to unplug and escape, even momentarily, just to “be”? To be in music. To be in a painting. To be in dance.

Today’s world has little time for such trivialities. In the abyss of meetings, contracts, assignments, appointments, and business deals, something is lost -- something already so far beyond our reach that it eludes us, even as we search for it.

Produced by Joani Livingston, Renée McKay, and SJ Murray, this documentary, intended for distribution on PBS, sheds light on the struggle to preserve the fine arts in America seen through the lens of ballet.

The guiding overarching theme (or premise) of INEFFABLE is that, through dedication and sacrifice, even in the midst of great adversity, beauty triumphs over utilitarianism. And if one day it does not, something profoundly human will be lost.


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