Future Projects

Title:  Qu'est-ce que l'art (What Is Art?)
Role:  Producer/Director/Writer (co-production with StoryRhetoric LLC)
Status:  Post-Production

A short film that pays homage to Tolstoy's seminal 1896 essay and aims to spark a global conversation around one central question: What is art and why does it matter? Intended for digital cinema screenings and film festivals.


A documentary shedding light on the struggle to preserve the fine arts in America. Even in the midst of great adversity, beauty triumphs over utilitarianism. If beauty does not win, something profoundly human is lost. Intended for broadcast nationally on PBS.

:  A Quiet Giant: The Gene Bobo Story (working title)
Role:  Producer/Director
Status:  Production

A documentary charts the legacy of F. Eugene Bobo who revolutionized the hosiery business by creating an environment of unparalleled creativity and success, while combining the highest standards in business ethics with uncommon business principles. Intended for broadcast nationally on PBS.

Title:  Outsmarting Poverty™ 
Role:  Producer/Director
Status:  Production

A documentary exploring the harrowing realities of young children living in extreme poverty and chaos in violent neighborhoods in the U.S., and the effects of trauma and stress on early brain development. Also exploring the positive effects of one organization’s vanguard efforts to stem, even reverse its effects, by focusing on children ages birth to five. Intended for broadcast nationally on PBS.

:  Hold On to Hope Love (working title)
Role:  Producer/Director
Status:  Pre-Production

A documentary addresses the exploding issue of human trafficking in Goa and Bangalore, India as seen through the transformed lives of the teenage prostitutes who’ve escaped and found hope for a better life. Independent feature non-fiction, intended for digital cinema distribution and film festivals.
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