Livingston and McKay Form Production Company

Two independent producers, Renée McKay and Joani Livingston are teaming up to launch a new venture: Livingston+McKay LLC, a full-service media company.

Although each one has worked separately on many projects, over the past few years they found they enjoy collaborating. Between the two, they have a combined 32 years experience producing, directing, and writing award winning content.

"We found our strengths really complement each others, so it was natural for us to go into business together," said Livingston. "And by 'complement' she means I do a number of the things she dislikes doing, like budgets," McKay quipped.

In September last year, they started work on an HD, hour-long documentary last Fall on the critical shortage of doctors facing Georgians and all Americans. Intended for broadcast on Georgia Public Broadcasting upon its completion, it will be the first documentary produced under the Livingston+McKay banner.

In October they literally answered a call for help from a former President. "I was sitting in the edit suite digitizing documentary footage when I got a call on my cell from a friend saying President Carter needs our help."

The producing partners will helm a massive personal project for the former President that involves a live-by-satellite two day event broadcast from Atlanta to remote host sites in major metropolitan areas around the nation. The event is to encourage cross-cultural engagement in addressing social justice issues.

"We've got a lot of work to do in the months ahead getting the host sites around the country up and running with the equipment they need, and then training them on how we'll all do the event simultaneously in November," said McKay. "It'll definitely be hard work, but we're up for the challenge. 2011 is already shaping up to be an amazing first year for our company."

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